Ryan Easby

Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider is the latest addition to Marvel's long line of Ghost Riders. But is he actually any good? Ryan Easby finds out.

Cosmic Ghost Rider is a peculiar comic. Based upon a character introduced in Donny Cates 2018 Thanos series, he’s an alternate universe version of Frank Castle (You may know him as The Punisher) who (get ready for this): fought in a war; watched his family get mown down; became The Punisher; died when a piece […]

 Andrew McAnaney

Legends Of Tomorrow: White Knights Review

From Russia With Love

In last week’s episode we had a government heist, betrayal and an evil Russian scientist (You know the usual). I’ve reviewed this series from the beginning and I can say without a doubt that this episode has been the most fun and enjoyable episode (In my opinion) since the beginning. I had some slight issues […]

 Andrew McAnaney

Review: Legends of Tomorrow: Episode 3 Blood Ties

That 70's Show

Note: Spoilers Ahead Now when I first heard about Legends I was excited. I mean DC superheroes and time travel sounds like my kind of show, but we are heading into our fourth week of the show as episode 4 airs tonight and we haven’t done much time traveling. In episode 3, we are still […]

 Andrew McAnaney

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Pilot Part 1 Review

Beware some spoilers!

Legends of Tomorrow is the third series in the Greg Berlanti Flarrow universe, although if you count Supergirl (which with the recent news of Flash/Supergirl crossover, we really should), it would be the fourth. But along with Berlanti Legends brings along some familiar faces (or I guess names) with the likes of Marc Guggenheim, Andrew […]