Legends Of Tomorrow: White Knights Review

31st March 2016 Off By Andrew McAnaney

In last week’s episode we had a government heist, betrayal and an evil Russian scientist (You know the usual).

I’ve reviewed this series from the beginning and I can say without a doubt that this episode has been the most fun and enjoyable episode (In my opinion) since the beginning. I had some slight issues but I enjoyed myself – with that said let’s get into it.

The main story of the episode involved the Legends going to 1986 (Oh yeah, new time), as they try an break into the pentagon to find evidence that will lead them to Savage [Casper Crump].

The team have their heist film movie roles but, of course, after an argument between the two halves of Firestorm [Franz Drameh & Victor Garber] (which carried on throughout the episode – something I’ll talk about later), the heist breaks down. But they do successfully find evidence of Savage who has links to Valentina Vostok [Stephanie Corneliussen], a Russian scientist who is working on something that Savage wants.

Leading Captain Cold [Wentworth Miller] and Atom [Brandon Routh] to go all James Bond as they try and successfully steal her security card to find out what she’s working on, which they luckily do after some quick hands from Captain Cold.

Stein then infiltrates her research lab and discovers that Vostok is working with Savage (dum dum dum) as they try to build an army with the same abilities as Firestorm, after Savage witnessed our Firestorm at the arms bazar in episode 2 (remember that).

Stein thinking quickly while he absorbs the energy in Savage’s thermal core, as Atom, Cold and Heatwave [Dominic Purcell] give him cover fire that results in Heatwave, Atom and Stein being captured.

The main plot of this episode was the best main plot of the series so far, because it had some great action scenes – the opening in particular is a stand out, while the comedy such as the running gag of Cold stealing people’s wallets was also good.

The subplots for this episode were as always a mixed bag. Rip Hunters [Arthur Darvill] subplot was the better of the two as we learned more about the time master’s from both Rip and his mentor Zaman Druce [Martin Donovan] (yes I did have to look that up) who offers up a pardon for Rip and the team if they surrender to him. That is clearly a trap, because when Rip agrees to hand himself in Chronos (who for some reason I haven’t mentioned yet, even though he is like the Boba Fett of this series) appears on orders from the time masters to kill Rip. Luckily with the team’s help, Rip escapes but so do Zaman and Chronos.

The second subplot focused on Hawkgirl [Ciara Renée] and Sara [Caity Lotz] who, following a feral outburst at the pentagon from Hawkgirl, asks Sara to train her as they both try to tame the feral nature that is in each of them. The subplot was OK; the fights were great. However, I still have issues with the timeline and hawkgirl isn’t grabbing me as character just yet.

Here are a few things I noticed:

  • I loved the call-back to Ronnie – good to know Stein hasn’t forgotten
  • Also glad Zaman mentioned that the team has created mistakes in time due to their adventure
  • Why does the government have files on Savage?

Overall, as I said this is my favourite episode of the season so far, because I learn more about the Time Masters and Rip. But I also get an idea of Savages end-game which has me intrigued.

With the episode ending with a cliff hanger and Rip leaving some of the team members behind, it looks like the next week is going to be even better.