Ewan Gleadow

Review: Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood

Review: Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood

It’s quite the spectacle that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the first Quentin Tarantino feature I have witnessed on the big cinema screen. But spectacle shouldn’t really relay any added bonuses for his latest feature. Set (obviously) in Hollywood, the latest Tarantino piece sees Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio as a dynamic duo that I […]

 Lucie Simon

Film Review: The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hardy

Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest role in The Revenant has bagged him a spot in the Oscar nominations for actor in a leading role. With an Oscar long overdue for Leo, I think this year will finally be his year. The Revenant is inspired from true 1820’s events and sees Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) on an epic adventure […]