Bowling For Soup @ O2 Academy Newcastle – Live Review

Bowling For Soup @ O2 Academy Newcastle – Live Review

4th February 2016 Off By Luke Smith
Source: Promo Image

Source: Promo Image

After the apparent heartbreak that was 2013’s Farewell Tour, it seemed like an opportunity lost for anyone who’d never been to a Bowling For Soup show. However like an angel sent from the almighty in a beam of heavenly light, Jaret and the rest of the Soup boys have returned to the UK with their How About Another Round tour.

Bowling For Soup are back, bringing with them every inch of their legendary pop punk prowess. There’s something really refreshing as a rock fan going to a gig and being able to just revel in pure mature 90’s musical cheddar.

Rock has developed this overly serious dual persona in modern years and people need to realise there’s much more to it than that.

That’s something Bowling For Soup have never forgotten, they play to have a good time and watch their fans drink and party and come together as a loving community.

Bowling For Soup’s set was just brimming with classic bangers from The Bitch Song to Punk Rock 101. From 1985 to High School Never Ends. Bowling For Soup unleashed torrents of sing a long from everyone to indulge on. Even taking time play a heartfelt acoustic number with Turbulence, the atmosphere didn’t drop once the whole experience was fun, nostalgic and full of heart.

Being one of the forerunners of pop punk, Bowling For Soup gave praise to their modern decedents if you will. Name dropping bands like All Time Low before blasting out an epic medley in homage to the future of their genre.

Combining tracks from Blink 182, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World into one massive punk power play  was incredibly moving and brilliant to witness. All leading up to a textbook Bowling For Soup rendition of Stacy’s Mom.

The How About Another Round Tour is a must for anyone who grew up thriving on pop punk. Going to one of these shows as a twenty something is rewarding in all senses of the word and will stick with you for a long, long time.

Shout out to Lacey, MC Lars and The Dollyrots too for providing solid support for the main event, and best of luck to Soup with the rest of the tour.

Hopefully we’ll see you boys again soon!