Shadowhunters: Review

5th February 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield

Episode 4 – Raising Hell

After rescuing Simon from the vampires Clary and co. retreat to the Institute to heal up, but Clary isn’t going to be so lucky and neither are the others.

Clary is being plagued by nightmares of her being tied to a chair and her mother being present with Magnus Bane removing her memories, after he was absent in episode he’s finally taking a more of a central role.

However, Simon storms off back home after being freaked out by visions of Camille and Clary’s decision to stay with Jace, I smell a love triangle brewing.

Jace, Alec and Hodge give Clary the run down on what they know about Magnus Bane; he’s a 400 year old warlock, likes to party, very flamboyant and hedonistic and has an intense dislike of Shadowhunters, so the gang will have to play it sneaky in an attempt to get Magnus Bane to restore Clary’s lost memories.

Isabelle provides Clary with some party clothes since Magnus isn’t the kind of miss a good demon rave. Jace is then captivated by Clary’s beauty, while Alec still remains as sulky and as introverted as ever.

Once all the crew are geared up with their outfits and weapons then it’s party time.

Jace and Clary meet with Magnus at the party where Magnus is instantly smitten by Alec’s handsome looks. In the books, Magnus describes himself as a ‘freewheeling bisexual’ and my favourite book character since I relate to him a lot.

Cue some angelic hand to hand combat and some powerful magic from Magnus himself. The special effects used to create Magnus’ magic and cat eyes (his warlock mark) are visually stunning.

Once all the Circle members have been dealt with Magnus and the group begin working a summoning ritual to summon the demon Magnus fed Clary’s memories too.

Meanwhile, Alec and Simon are facing struggles of their own; Alec is struggling with his hidden sexuality and Simon continues to show signs of becoming a vampire after becoming enchanted by the sight of fresh blood.

Once the Memory Demon is summoned, it demands penance for summoning it so the group have to give up one treasured memory of a loved one and Alec blows the ritual when his traded memory revealed that he is in love with Jace. Maybe that’s why he dislikes Clary and has been shutting himself off from everyone.

The demon is then killed by Clary when it tries to take Jace so Clary’s memories, and her hope of finding her mother seem to have gone.

At the end of the episode, Simon returns to the Hotel DuMort so maybe in episode 5 we’ll see Simon complete his transformation into a vampire. Clary then dreams of her mother being held by Valentine but to her horror, he can see and hear her then delivers a chilling message….

‘You want your mother? Give me the cup!’

There’s plenty of foreshadowing and budding romances between the characters, looking forward to episode 6.