Theory Of A Deadman @ Newcastle University | Live Review

Theory Of A Deadman @ Newcastle University | Live Review

2nd March 2016 Off By Luke Smith
Source: promo image

Source: promo image

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Canadian rockers Theory Of A Deadman back to Newcastle so early into the new year. Sticking a bunch of dudes with loud instruments in a tiny room is always a recipe for one hell of a party, and this show was no exception.

Theory, weren’t alone though. They brought some pals along, and Forever Never and Royal Republic definitely didn’t fall short either.

From the queue to the floor for the nights opener, the turnout was impressive from the off. Hearing chatter between fans about the last time they saw Theory and how hot Tyler Connelly is was a definite spark to the start of an evening fuelled on gunpowder.

Essex rock quintet Forever Never got the ball rolling with a high octane set taken entirely from their forthcoming EP. Their hit single, Lived A Lie, went down with fans, due to it’s success in the Kerrang! rock charts.

The Essex lads weren’t shy in letting some of their cheeky chappy attitude loose on the Geordie punters, holding in the palms of their hands demanding movement and smiles. It’s all about having a good time after all.

Following on from a riff filled warm up we had Swedish rock quartet Royal Republic. Who took the energy switch and cranked it up to 11. Bringing forward a setlist packed full of new numbers and old favourites including: Tommy Gun Baby, Kung Fu Loving and Full Steam Space Machine. Royal Republic utilised their love for all things kooky and gave one hell of a memorable performance.

The vocal range of lead singer Adam Grahn is truly an impressive spectacle, something you really have to witness outside of the studio recordings. Royal Republic had Newcastle absolutely beaming and more than warmed up for the nights headline act.

Why is it every time you go to a show there’s always those people who walk in two hours late and miss the support acts? Either way, it was their loss. Standing watching Theory Of A Deadman’s gear get wheeled out and feeling the hype bouncing off the lifelong Deadman fans was pretty special. It was a real mixed bunch at the university that night, rock fans young and old all there for the same reason, Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Theory Of A Deadman’s set was a mixed bag of anthems from the majority of their studio albums. With numbers from Gasoline, Scars & Souvenirs, The Truth Is… and new album Savages all making an appearance.

We were even treated to a quick rock and roll medley with a Theory Of A Deadman rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama, and Guns N Roses iconic Paradise City.

Closing the show with one of their all time greats, Bad Girlfriend, Theory Of A Deadman and company left Newcastle with a bang and more importantly a promise that album number six is on the way. Hopefully it’s not too long till Theory return to the Toon!