Preview: The Choice

3rd March 2016 Off By Daniela Ralu Nastase

Attention Nicholas Sparks fans: a new movie is released! 

The production made by Ross Katz (Lost In Translation) has Teresa Palmer (Triple 9) and Benjamin Walker starring in the main roles.

The plot starts with Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) moving in a small coastal town, next door to Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker) and them getting into an argument from her first night in her new home.

Because of their love for dogs and with Gabby’s dog going into labour, they find a common ground and they start bonding.

The story line evolves into a love triangle and despite Gabby’s contradictory feelings for her already strong relationship and the distaste for Travis, she finds herself involuntary forced to take a decision about her love life.

As 2016 is the 5th consecutive year when we have a new movie based on a book written by Nicholas Sparks, it’s safe to assume fans are looking forward to see this new movie and if you have enjoyed The Notebook, A Walk To Remember or Dear John, it’s very likely you will love The Choice too.

You can see it from March 4th at Empire Sunderland, Cineworld Boldon and ODEON Silverlink.