LISTEN: Spark Film Show talks about The Witch, Allegiant, Anomalisa

21st March 2016 Off By Liam Milburn

In another varied week for film releases, Spark Film Show is here to hold your hand and guide you through the labyrinth that is the cinema. You need never see a bad film again, we’ve made it our mission to suggest something each week for you to watch.

Of course, we aren’t the authority on films, we are just three guys who love going to the cinema and airing our thoughts. If you like the sound of that, you can catch it on Spark every Friday at 3pm.

If you miss it, it’s available on-demand on our Mixcloud page, where you’ll find every show we’ve done since last July. That’s a lot of films to catch-up on!

The big new release of last week was the latest instalment of Divergent, this time it’s Allegiant. (Not as we refer to it, Detergent.) Shailene Woodley and Theo James are back and the big news is that the walls of the factions have been torn down and the trial of those involved in its doing has begun, with Naomi Watts the executioner.

One film that scared the wits out of everyone at Sundance was The Witch, an interesting horror from first-time feature director Robert Eggers. Not many films can boast a winning combination of gloomy atmosphere, demonic goats and Finchy from The Office, but this somehow manages it with splendor.

And one that should not be missed at the Tyneside Cinema is Anomalisa, a stunning new stop-motion animation from the genius brain of Charlie Kaufman, best known for writing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich.

It’s set to be a packed show this week, you won’t want to miss our discussions of Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise, claustrophobic thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane, new Disney film Zootropolis, creepy horror The Boy, French tragicomedy Marguerite and if you like Drive, you might enjoy Disorder. We’ve got a few friends-of-the-show coming on too, with a load of great film soundtracks chucked in for good measure.

We get the projector at the earlier time of 2pm this Friday on 107 Spark FM and or online any time at our Mixcloud page. If you’ve seen anything good (or bad) you want to share with us, get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter!