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11th April 2019 Off

Review: Shazam

By Ryan Easby

You know, I went into Shazam with zero expectations. Like, it’s Shazam for gods sakes. But, after DC managed to…

13th March 2019 Off

Review: The Festival

By Ewan Gleadow

Did anybody ever expect anything from Joe Thomas post-Inbetweeners? He starred in Chickens which was doomed to fail from the beginning and…

13th March 2019 Off

Review: Game Night

By Ewan Gleadow

Comedy is subjective, let’s make that clear right from the beginning. What one person may find astoundingly hilarious; another may…

23rd April 2018 Off

Review: Isle of Dogs

By Ryan Young

In a dystopian Japanese town, dogs have become the political enemy. The scourge of Megasaki City and a threat to…