Zayn Malik: Mind of Mine Album Review

Zayn Malik: Mind of Mine Album Review

29th March 2016 Off By Georgia Trevitt

A year ago to this date, Zayn Malik quit the world’s biggest boy band. Today, he has released his debut solo album Mind of Mine. He’s waited five years to unleash his true musical talents and this album proves it has been worth the wait.

Mind of Mine is a pop-R&B album living up to Zayn’s new image – edgy and racy. It’s never been a secret that Zayn can reach his high notes and this album is filled with a selection of 18 songs which showcase his impressive vocals.

It has all the chilled-out, sexy vibes you’d expect from Mr Malik. He was always the cool, mysterious member of One Direction and these characteristics definitely shine through in tracks such as She, Fool For You and She Don’t Love Me.

After previously hearing released songs Pillowtalk, It’s You and Like I Would, the album is exactly what I expected. It’s very Zayn. It’s obvious that he has been working extremely hard for the past year to perfect his sound. It’s also obvious that a lot of the songs were floating around in that mind of his for a while.

The album reminds me of a theatrical show. The album is the stage, Zayn is the performer and we’re the audience. It starts off with a short song MiNd Of MiNdd (intro) which opens the album and gives us a small taste of what’s to come. A taste of which I want more of. Five songs later comes the track INTERMISSION: Flower which breaks the album up nicely. Similarly to MiNd Of MiNdd, it’s a short, mellow song with very little lyrics.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is Wrong which features American R&B singer-songwriter Kehlani. Their vocals go perfectly together to create a classic R&B song. In fact, there’s not one song which I dislike. Usually when listening to an album, I tend to skip a few songs but with this I can listen to the whole thing on shuffle.

It’s a versatile album which is perfect to listen to before bed, when you’re chilling out or even before a night out. Fans won’t be disappointed and even those who aren’t One Direction lovers may be won over as it’s a totally different sound to the band’s usual pop vibes. I’ve had the album on repeat ever since it came out – it’s amaZAYN.