Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D; Dream Drop Distance

31st March 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield

The penultimate entry into the Kingdom Hearts series came about in 2012 as the long wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 continued, a wait that is still currently ongoing but 3D finally brought the story forward and added some new twists and elements.

A year after the events of Kingdom Hearts II and Re:Coded Sora and Riku are summoned to deal with the looming threat of Xehanort himself and to rescue the ones Mickey had ties to in the past. To do this they must restore seven worlds that are in a state of slumber, this is to acquire new powers and deem them Keyblade Masters.

Along the way the two heroes are stalked by a mysterious youth and resurrected versions of their previous enemies. The enemies in this game are the Dream Eaters. Since the Heartless and Nobodies can’t enter the dream worlds, the Dream Eaters take their place as the enemies and as Sora and Riku’s partners in the game.

The command deck from Birth By Sleep and Re:Coded returns and the game returns to the old level up system returns too. The Dream Eaters that act as Sora and Riku’s allies allow them to learn new magic and skills and unleash powerful combo attacks.

Several characters from previous entries return; such as Roxas, Xion, Namine, Aqua, Ventus and Terra. All of them are hurting and waiting for the day Sora can rescue them and finally end their pain. This entry is considerably as dark as Birth By Sleep as the machinations of Xehanort are full revealed.

There are entirely new worlds and a new cast with two returning worlds; Traverse Town and the World That Never Was.

New worlds included The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tron 2.0, Fantasia and Pinocchio and characters from the Square Enix game The World Ends With You appear in Traverse Town.

Another new concept introduced is time travel. To travel through time’ you must leave your body behind then their must be a version of you waiting at the destination.

Upon arrival you can only move forward as per the laws of time, and you cannot rewrite the events that are destined to happen’ this adds an interesting element to the plot and series mythology.

Overall I’m pleased this entry is here because it finally helped advance the story in preparation for Kingdom Hearts 3 as people and fans were and are getting fed up waiting for the game’s release, when it is being released I cannot say but next week I will be providing some information we have on the game so far.