Northern Lights reviews: Game of Thrones S6 Ep1

Northern Lights reviews: Game of Thrones S6 Ep1

28th April 2016 Off By Northern Lights

Welcome to our newest feature where we gather the thoughts and musings on the latest shows and films from our team and collate them into one diverse review.
What better way to start than the season debut of the biggest show right now, Game of Thrones…

Paul, Editor of Northern Lights:

“Well, after the epic theme tune, which still gets me pumped, we are right back with it. All in all, this was a very solid opening episode. It set up story-lines for most characters going forward, had some OK fight scenes and also some decent humour.

“It was not the most thrilling, action packed episode yet, but as an introduction for the new series, it was very good. Far better than anything in the first half of season

“Basically, this episode achieved its aim. It sets up the rest of season 6 and did enough to make me excited for the next episode.”

Jordan, Social Media and Film Coordinator:

“This episode was a mixed bag of the very best and worst of the show.

“On the one hand, it sets up intriguing development for our much loved, and love to hate, characters.

“We learn more about Ramsey and his wicked ways as he reveals more about his relationship with Myranda, while his father offers a foreboding warning on future conflicts with the Lannisters.

“Meanwhile, in very ‘Lannister’ fashion, Jamie and Cersei share a moment to swear vengeance on the world around them.

“However, there is also a few negatives. I maintain that Arya and Daenerys’s storylines are more frustrating than compelling and a certain bunch of Dorneish women are up to their old tricks, spoiling everyone’s fun and leading us inexorably toward confrontations I just don’t care about.

“All in all a good start, if a little less intriguing than I expected, and I can’t wait to see what this season has to throw at us.”