Northern Lights Reviews: Game of Thrones S6 Ep2

Northern Lights Reviews: Game of Thrones S6 Ep2

3rd May 2016 Off By Jordan Davidson

Paul, Editor of Northern Lights:

Personally, I really enjoyed last week’s episode. It did a very decent job, in my eyes, of setting up the season going forward. This week’s went even further and was an even better episode.

We got further insights into stories we saw last episode, such as the tear between the brothers at Castle Black, Arya adjusting to life without sight, the fallout from the death of Myrcella Baratheon and Ramsey Snow still pursuing the award for most evil person in Westeros. It is amazing that someone has surpassed Joffrey. You know what they say. The grass is not always greener.

With these, we were reintroduced to characters we had not seen for a long time, such as Bran Stark, Meera Reed and everyone’s favourite half giant, Hodor. Bran’s power has clearly strengthened in his time with the Three Eyed Raven. We also return to Pyke to spend time with the Greyjoys, with their motto of “what is dead may never die”.

As this is Game Of Thrones, it is normal to expect to death. This episode did not disappoint in those stakes either. Without giving away spoilers, there are some surprising deaths, one of which I believe will be very significant going forward.

Finally, my favourite story of last week’s episode was at Castle Black, and particularly that of Melisandre questioning her prophecy and ability. That story is given a lot of importance this week and it will be extremely interesting to see where it goes. Once again, a very strong episode. Let us hope they can keep it up for the rest of the season.

Jordan, Social Media and Film Coordinator:

Oh my goodness, what an episode. After a slow start, things definitely picked up in the second instalment. My favourite quote from the episode: “there needs to be new blood in the North”, sums up the important themes of this instalment I feel.

Old faces are wiped out, bringing with them new and exciting possibilities for Westeros and no doubt a severe escalation of violence. The main events, as seems to be a frequent occurrence, take place at the wall as the wildlings and Sir Alliser come to blows over the death of Jon Snow.

Meanwhile, Melisandre makes a bid for resurrecting the former lord commander, but will she succeed? In other developments, it turns out Arya’s torment has finally paid off, although I still feel frustrated by the lack of an overall plot. Is she still trying to become the ultimate assassin? Is it even worth it anymore? Who knows, let’s hope her story get somewhere soon.

Speaking of unclear plot lines, we also visit Bran and get some intriguing visions of characters as we’ve never seem them before. It’s nice to see Bran’s had a haircut, but again there are so many more engaging and less fantastical plot lines to enjoy.

One such plot line involves our favourite seafaring mischievous Ironborn as power struggles set out an uncertain, but hopefully more active, future for Theon’s family.

All in all, a great episode which sets up new faces and new possibilities, while, in typical Game of Thrones style, answering burning questions as well as posing painfully intriguing new ones. I’m now more excited for this season than ever!