Lethal Bizzle Is Back In TOON! The 2 2 Tour Arrives At Newcastle University Student Union

6th May 2016 Off By Clinton Forde

He is BAAACCKKK like he left his Nando’s reward card…yes ‘The Bizzle’ bus has arrived back in Newcastle as part of his UK 2 2 tour and we are all happy as Larry to jump aboard and enjoy the ride.

After shutting down the likes of Norwich, London, Cardiff and Oxford, the East London MC has descended back into the land of the Toon to turn up higher than Simon Cowell’s waistline.

No stranger to the North East, Lethal Bizzle never lets you down on the entertainment front, supplying his ‘Dench Gang’ with endless amounts of energy and more vocal interaction than a drunken Geordie on payday.

Yes ladies and gentleman, the expert of enthusiasm whose promotion knows no boundaries, deemed the ‘King of Snapchat’ by his cult following, used the opportunity to endorse his latest release Wobble which is guaranteed to see a great deal of cellulite shaking this summer.

The ‘Old School Fella’ as referred to in his top 15 chart hit Fester Skank took the stage and gave a stellar performance worthy of any dance-floor around the country. Joined by his tour guest Big Tobz, whose single Uno My Style is ‘doing numbers’ online, gained a warm reception from an amped up audience that was thrilled to see both artists entertain a sold out NUSU arena.

One thing I love about Lethal Bizzle’s live shows is that you are always guaranteed to feel like you have been training for 2 London Marathons in spandex with the amount of fist pumping and crowd hopping involved and after an onslaught of back to back hits such as Rari Workout, Pow and Oi, there is no wonder my jeans felt a lot looser than when I first arrived.

This gig was simply amazing from start to finish #OBVIOUSLY and with standards set higher than the wings on the Angel of the North, any return back to northern shores by Mr. Biz will be welcomed with open arms.