Titanfall devs to create a new addition to the Star Wars Universe

Titanfall devs to create a new addition to the Star Wars Universe

27th September 2016 Off By Paul Farrell

After the most recent Battlefront, Respawn Entertainment, the creators of the hugely innovative shooter Titanfall, have announced that they will be working with LucasFilm and EA to produce a new chapter in the Star Wars Universe.

Founded in 2010 by former Infinity Ward employees who had previously worked on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy, Respawn Entertainment’s first game was a Science Fiction, first person shooter called Titanfall, a launch title for the Xbox One.

Revolving around Mech Based Combat, Advanced Movement such as Wall Running and Riding other Titans, and a unique gameplay aspect where AI Controlled Cannon Fodder roam the maps, it’s Burn Card System was also unique providing a pilot with one of three additional upgrades or alterations, similar to spell and trap cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh series.

Respawn are currently working on a sequel to Titanfall but now this surprise new project has been announced. Lucasfilm has contracted both EA and Respawn to create a new Star Wars Game. The information is very scarce at the moment but Stig Asmussen, previously known for his work on the God Of War series, is the creative director for this project.

Respawn are the perfect example of Quality over Quantity and their track record is much to be admired. I personally cannot wait to see more information released, with Rogue One’s recent release, I’m certain the game could focus around the movie.