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Dr Strange’s introduction to the Marvel universe impresses *SPOILERS*

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The 2016 rendition of the comic book hero Dr Strange has excited us all. Since the first release of the trailer showcasing Benedict Cumberbatch as the caped sorcerer, we have all be awaiting the release of this film and it was one of the most anticipated films from Marvel to date. And the way that I see it Marvel have delivered one of their best films since Deadpool, which was released earlier this year. From the start until end, I was fully immersed inside of the marvel universe and the story of the distinguished surgeon.



Benedict Cumberbatch brings the character of Dr strange to life in his own unique way, moving the audience with his emotional performance of the confused doctor from the beginning to the end.  He performs very well as he shows the transition of how he was the surgeon who would only take surgeries that would put his name on awards, to a man whose goal now in life is to protect the world and everyone who is living inside of it.

From the beginning of the film, the character of Dr Strange shows that his arrogance knows no boundaries, he believes himself to know everything from the knowledge that he has gained from being a surgeon. However, throughout the duration of the film, he is shown tho actually know very little about the world and the secrets of the universe; which shows us the true character of Dr Stephen Strange, thirsty for knowledge and wisdom.

Dr Strange, or better known as the award winning neurosurgeon Stephen Strange, seeks out help after an accident renders the use of his hands, his most important tools for his job useless. He finds himself wandering the streets of Nepal searching for a place known as Kamar-Taj after he is given advice from a cured paraplegic who miraculously is able to walk again, hoping to find a cure for his hands.

Instead, he finds a sorcerer who goes by the name as the Ancient One, or Mordo, who takes him in and introduces him to the power that she has obtained through years of practice. After begging for Mordo to teach him the ancient arts, even though she initially disagrees due to his arrogance, she gives in to his request and shows him the ways of a sorcerer.



Mordo is torn with the decision of teaching Strange since his personality is a reminder of one of her strongest students Kaecilius, whose arrogance swayed his judgment and made him turn against Mordo and join Dormammu a dark entity which Kaecilius summoned using the pages he stole from the ancient books inside of the library of Kamar-Taj.

Strange has to find it inside of himself to fight Kaecilius from destroying all three sanctums which all together create a spell to keep Dormammu at bay. After the destruction of the London sanctum and Dr Strange protecting the New York sanctum the final sanctum left open to the attack of Kaecilius is where the true strength of Strange is shown.

With the final sanctum destroyed earth is left vulnerable to the dominance of Dormammu, without a second thought Dr Strange travels in to the dark dimension and Traps himself and Dormammu in an infinite loop that he creates. He re-lives this moment and wont break the loop until Dormammu leaves earth alone and brings Kaecilius and his followers with him back to the dark dimension. This is the ending of the film this leads on to the two ending scenes during and after the credits of the film.

Throughout the film, there are numerous mentions of the Avengers. The main idea is that they defend the world from more physical threats than that of the mystical variety of villains even with these small mentions of the avengers this ties the whole universe of Marvel together. Marvel is well known for the links in-between the different films that all formulate to create one big story, Dr Strange is the new addition of Marvel film to be brought in to the fold of the story involving the infinity stones. This is mentioned inside of the film Dr Strange when you find out the Eye of Agamotto Amulet is an infinity stone, which gives Dr Strange control over time, making him a massive asset to the story of the infinity stones and an important character inside of the Marvel universe.

The biggest clue that a crossover between two films in the Marvel universe is imminent is the end credits scene that shows a discussion between two characters from the film series, Dr Strange and Thor. They discuss the fact that Thor has come back to earth, with his brother Loki, to search for their father and things have escalated since Loki has disappeared off the radar from his brother, which opens the possibility of the Thor/Dr Strange cross over.

The film’s quality surpasses the usual standard of a Marvel film, promising us a quality film and they have delivered. Not only have they provided us with a solid storyline, they have also given us both the special affects and perfect casting for the roles of all characters within this movie.

While the filming explores new ideas towards the character of Dr Strange, they have stuck to the original character from the comics, which in my mind is the best that they could have done and Marvel continue with this with some slight changes which has been discussed with the director of Dr Strange.

However, while watching it, there was never a second that I was not fully immersed into the story of this amazing hero. It was built up and I was not disappointed. It is well and truly worth the watch.