31st January 2017 Off By WorkEx 18

Words by Thomas Rodgers

It has been five months now since the release of FIFA 17 and the interest rate seems to be higher than ever before. With brand new game modes such as: ‘The journey’ and ‘FUT Champions’, FIFA have broke their own personal records of the highest user retention rate throughout the year.

‘The Journey’ was greatly hyped as the next big from EA. It covers ‘ the journey’ as you play as a 17-year-old teen with dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Throughout this play, you get the chance to train, improve your skills, and join big teams you would of only dreamed off.

Although at first this sounds like a massively entertaining game mode; the hype quickly died down when realising you were forced into the same character each play though. This caused a lot of controversy in the FIFA community as people wanted more character customisation.

Another brand new game mode featured in FIFA 17 is FUT Champions. This is an add-on to the already popular Ultimate Team and was a way to keep user interest high throughout the year.

FUT Champions brings a much more competitive feel to FIFA, allowing players to play 40 matches each weekend in a competitive league with high rewards. Having such high rewards gives players a greater need to win than ever before!

In addition to these brand new game modes, EA have also implemented a vast amount of improvements into some of their older game modes. Career Mode has always been massively popular with FIFA fans and this year is no different. With brand new features and an updated player development system there is so surprise FIFA has maintained popularity in this game mode.

Featured image credit: Twitter