The Flash Review

The Flash Review

28th February 2017 Off By WorkEx 18

The Flash is an American TV show airing on the CW however is it also broadcasted over to British television as well. The show was created by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kresberg and Geoff Johns 0n the 7th of October 2014. It’s about a DC masked crime fighting superhero known as The Flash (played by actor Grant Gustan) who can run at superman speeds, as well as his human persona Barry Allan, a CSI forensic scientist. The Flash spiralled off from its predecessor The Arrow (also created by the CW) who actually introduced Barry Allan into the same fictional universe in which they exist. The show follows Barry and tells his story about before the accident (before he got his speed) and how he came to be The Flash, stopping low life criminals and criminals who were also gifted superhero abilities and he is the only one fast enough to stop them. Within season one it follows Barry trying to find the man who killed his mother yet the true killer was never found, this made Barry obsessed with trying to know who actually killed his mother, making him the forensic scientist he is today.

Fast forward and the show is already on its third season, finishing in May. Throughout season two we see the masked hero return with the iconic white circle and yellow lighting bolt as the symbol on his chest from the comics that the fans know and love. Before this within the first season we see him appear with the yellow lighting bolt, however, only this time is was a red circle, this made mixed responses but in the end result more people liked it than others disagreed.

By the third season characters have already been introduced that now appear in other tv shows, such a Legends of Tomorrow (also created by the CW), this tv show was a spin off from Arrow and The Flash. Legends of Tomorrow was created almost the same way The Flash was, being a spin off from an already existing tv show as they all live in the same fictional universe.

Season 2 begins with some fast paced action and answers what happened in the season one cliffhanger that left everyone wanting more. This was not the only reason why fans were excited to see the scarlet speedster return as for this season they included the ‘mulitverse’ which played a big part in the comics. The multiverse was a cosmic theory in which there is a infinite amount of earths but each one vibrates at a different frequency to one another so they cant see each other. As the multiverse was introduced so were more characters, from another earth known as ‘Earth 2’. We see a very familiar face return as Harrison Wells return to the show but not in the way we know him. As well as the big bad villain for this season, we meet a man named ‘Zoom’, a speedster with incredible speed and a psychopathic persona. Zoom proved him self to be faster than Barry, as he found out the hard way when Zoom shattered his spine and nearly killed him. So this season follows barry trying to become the fasters man alive and trying to defeat  Zoom.

Season 3 also brought us back to what happened at the end of season 2, in which the cliffhanger was much greater than season 1 as we see Barry alter events in the timeline and then live in an alternate timeline he created through the butterfly affect, the timeline he altered was known as ‘Flashpoint’. This was heavily inspired by the comics as Barry starts to forget his past life and the memory of his new life takes over, as sooner or later he wouldn’t even remember that he was The Flash. The season carries on with Barry returning to the normal timeline but things weren’t how he left them and he must fix his mistakes and get faster than he already is to defeat this season’s villain ‘Savitar’ who was introduced mid-way through the season. In a event to erase Savitar’s existence he was accidentally thrust into the future and watched Savitar kill the woman who he loved, so this season also follows his trying to figure out different ways he can alter the future and stop this event from happening. Also in this season we see appearance from other speedsters who help Barry and these speedsters are also from the comics, known as Kid Flash and Jessie Quick.