Wonder Woman Preview

Wonder Woman Preview

28th February 2017 Off By WorkEx 18

The newest addition to the DC cinematic universe will based on the much loved comic book character, Diana of Themyscira – or in her civilian life Diana Prince – who is better know as the Amazon princess and superhero Wonder Woman. Although she was introduced to us in Batman vs Superman, she is the only female superhero to have her own film in either Marvel or DC.

In the first trailer we see Diana walking across from the Lourve in Paris, we are then shown Diana looking at an old black and white photograph of herself and an unnamed men (co-star Chris Pine). Then we hear her say “I used to want to save the world”. After cutting to Diana looking over a cliff to see a plane crash into the ocean, the scene carries on to the same beach where a battle is going on the against the Amazons. We see all the Amazons gathered to learn that “the war to end all wars” is going on. The trailer then cuts to a foreign country where a scarred woman is testing a bomb which seems to be able to destroy gas masks. We then see Diana preparing to leave the island, not before her mothers warns “be careful”.

Then Diana is shown in the “World of Man” working as Steve Trevor’s (Chris Pines) supposed secretary, but mostly saving him from bad guys. Next we see soldiers retuning from war and Diana speaks over to say “it is our sacred duty to defend the world, and it’s what I am going to do”. We are taken straight to the trenches to see Diana climbing out, running into no man land to then see her reflect a bullet off her arm bracelets, and subsequent sequences of action packed moments full of fighting, planes and explosions. We end the climax of the trailer with Diana crossing her arms over face with lightning shooting out. The ending is quite humorous as we see Diana trying on different clothes commenting “how can a woman possibly fight in this?” and the women stating to her “we use our principles although I’m not opposed to engaging to a bit of Fisticuffs should the occasion arise”.

The film comes out on June 2nd.