The ten best things that happened at the Oscars 2017

The ten best things that happened at the Oscars 2017

28th February 2017 Off By WorkEx 18

Words by Mia Littlewood

On the Feb 26, the legendary Oscar Awards took place in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood and as usual, there was plenty of drama and not just in the movies.

There were tears, laughs and people getting destroyed by banter provided by this years host, Jimmy Kimmel, and also an embarrassing mistake that will go down in history (flashback to Miss Universe 2016). It truly had everything and here are some of the best moments:

10. ‘Mean Tweets,’ the Oscars Edition

The amazing host Jimmy Kimmel has a segment on his talk show called ‘Celebrities read mean tweets’, where famous celebs read tweets that members of the public have sent or tagged them in.

The tweets are very often as the title suggests, mean or crude tweets. some may find this cruel but many celebs take the tweets with a pinch of salt and find this hilarious and The Oscars edition shows funny family friendly tweets that still get a good laugh.

9. Justin Timberlake opens the show

The very first thing we saw at the oscars was the amazing Justin Timberlake to open the show with his oscar nominated song “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

The superstar had a whole crew of back up dancers behind him as they entered the front door and danced their way to the main stage, creating a fun loving vibe hinting at the fun that was about to come.

8. Meryl Streep gets a standing ovation

This amazing actress has been in the headlines recently after she spoke of President Trump’s ‘bigotry and prejudicial views against many minority groups in both America and abroad.’

Donald trump hit back by tweeting that the actress was “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood”:

At the awards however, Jimmy Kimmel then proceeded to make a joke at how “under-rated” the actress truly was and said to give her an “undeserved round of applause.”

7. Jimmy Kimmel ridicules Donald trump (again)

Not only did he get Meryl Streep her round of applause, but Jimmy Kimmel also looked at the actress (Meryl Streep) and asks if her dress ‘was an Ivanka’ (seemingy mocking Donald trump’s daughter for her fashion line that has been withdrawn from some stores after her father’s win in election).

He also joked about Donald Trump’s tweets on the toilet at 5am and later went on to thank him by replacing last year’s Oscars scandal.

He also slid into his DM’s and asked him what he was up to but he never received a reply from the president, nor a tweet at the show.

6.Director Asghar Farhadi’s absence

The director who won the Best Foreign Film awards for his film ‘The Salesman’ was not present to accept his award. His choice to not attend was to help raise awareness to the refugee ban in America that “make people live in fear.” He had the first female space tourist and engineer (Anousheh Ansari) read his speech out for him to highlight these issues.

5. The food

There has been an ongoing trend in the oscars started by Ellen Degeneres, who hosted in 2014, where she brought pizza for those hungry hard working stars and since then, hosts have given out food to those in the crowd but this year the host went out of his way.

Kimmel had little parachutes of different types of candy fall from the celling that left many stars trying grab hold of when they dropped on the three separate occasion. Kimmel also picked up one of the young stars from lion, Sunny Pawar, to re-enact a scene from the film the Lion King while the young actor was in the air the parachutes drought down small bundles of doughnuts.

4. Katherine Johnson

One of best loved films this year Hidden Figures, is about the amazing unknown life of three African american women who helped get the first man in space all the while overcoming all the obstacles that stood in their way back in 1953.

The real lady of the honour, Katherine Johnson, appeared with actress Taraji P. Henson, who played her in the film, as well as her friends came up on stage at the age of 98 to receive a standing ovation. An ovation that she has always deserved and on which she later thanked the crowed for this her face made the night .

Image credit: ABC Television Network

3.Viola Davis’ speech

Actress Viola Davis was nominated and (spoiler) and won for her role in Fences. Words can not describe the amount of power and emotion the actress coveyed in her speech.

2.Matt Damon vs Jimmy Kimmel

If you know anything about these two famous men then you should know that these two have a massive (fake/funny) feud going all the way back to the 90s.

It began when Jimmy Kimmel supposedly bumped the actor from his show it then went on to have years of fake arguing, couples counselling and even two music videos later it still continues into the Oscars.

Kimmel very publicly called out Damon due to the fact that he gave up an award to a close friend Casey Affleck (nominated for Manchester by the Sea, a film damon produced). He also stated it was time to ‘bury the hatchet’ as he also described that at the time they met, that he was “the fat one”.

Later, Kimmel walked by Damon and seemed to trip as they had a glare off. However, Kimmel got Damon back when he and mutual friend Ben Affleck were trying present an award. Suddenly, the exit music began to play, with Damon appearing to get upset as the camera pans down to Kimmel conducting the orchestra and starting “we want to got home.”

Personally, I don’t think this feud will end anytime soon.

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1. And the the winner is …

The one thing everyone is talking about from this year’s academy awards is the mistake of naming ‘La la and’ the winner of the prestigious ‘Best Picture award’, instead of the real winner, this year’s underdog, Moonlight.

Although at this time it’s not been determined what exactly happened it believed that the envelope for best actress instead of the best picture

La La Land Producer Jordan Horowitz realised almost instantaneously and told to the audience: “There’s a mistake. Moonlight, you won best picture.” This shocked cast,crew and audience alike as the cast of Moonlight later came on to say their thanks.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only mistake of the night. In the memoriam montage they put an image in Australian film producer Jan Chapman who is still alive, instead of Janet Patterson, an Australian costume designer and four-time Oscar nominee, who sadly passed away in October 2016.

Another mistake saw 16-year-old actress actress Auli’i Cravalho, from the new Disney princess movie Moana, hit in the head by a back-up dancer’s stray flag when performing the song “How far I’ll go”   but thankfully she carried on like the true professional she is.