Top 5 Lesser Known Internet Celebrities

Top 5 Lesser Known Internet Celebrities

28th February 2017 Off By Paul Farrell

The Internet is a fairly big launch pad for many celebrities and here are 5 you should probably check out

Everyone knows now that the internet and YouTube are huge launchpads for new breeds of celebrities, but for every PewDiePie and Smosh there are some celebrities who go a little unnoticed and now I’m here to give a little light on these lesser known diamonds in the rough.

5. Rooster Teeth

I’m counting these guys as one as they’re a single unit, Rooster Teeth is a web organization founded in 2003 by Geoff Ramsay, Joel Heyman, Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns and Gus Sorola. These five created Rooster Teeth, while early on they ran shows like Achievement Hunter, they eventually expanded into the realm of acting with Burnie creating their first webseries Red Vs. Blue which is entering its 14th season. Eventually they recruited the late Monty Oum who would create the web anime RWBY, which is currently in its 4th season, sadly Monty passed away in 2015 yet in spite of his death the group is still going strong with their other series and ‘Let’s Play’ series, full of hilarity and even some drama.

4. Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug

Lewis Lovhaug is a comic geek, writer and actor known by his web name Linkara, a prominent member of Channel Awesome who runs a show called Atop The Fourth Wall, with the tagline being “where bad comics burn”. Lewis predominantly reviews comic books, and in 2015, Atop the Fourth Wall was made into a movie. He’s also well known for his retrospective of the Power Rangers TV Show in a season by season review series called History of Power Rangers. Linkara himself is a likeable guy and Channel Awesome, along with the League of Super Critics, is a non profit organization which¬†spends a little bit of time giving light to certain charities.

3. Matthew “Matpat” Patrick

Matthew Patrick, or Matpat is an internet personality with two awards under his belt. He runs two shows on his two separate channels, Game Theory where he takes certain aspects of video games and applies science to them and Film Theory where he applies science to movies in often childhood ruining episodes. He also has a YouTube Red series called Matpat’s Game Lab where he takes gamers and puts them in some of the situations that they play in games, Matthew¬†also hosted a web game show called The Runner, which was executively produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, as of 2017 he has gained 13 million subscribers across three channels.

2. Jon Jafari

New York based Jon Jafari or JonTron as he is more better known as, runs the JonTron Show with his pet parrot Jacques who in the show is a cyborg parrot with laser eyes. The two review all sorts from games to movies and tv shows, and even bootleg games, often tackling the worst out there. Jon is known for his often surreal humour but is also a charitable individual as he raised money for teach for america and said if he reached a certain goal he would do a cover of Katy Perry’s Firework, so yeah, surreal.

1. Doug Walker

The Nostalgia Critic – he remembers it so you don’t have to. Doug Walker is by far the most underrated yet best of YouTube’s celebrities, known for his reviews of bad or nostalgic shows and movies, with some humour and a personality derived from Disney’s Queen of Hearts. The Critic has actually had a bit of a rivalry with the persona of one of Doug’s real life friends, James Rolfe aka The Angry Video Game Nerd. Doug started small but over time he’s grown to the point where legendary animator Donald Virgil “Don” Bluth guest starred in his review of Dragon’s Lair, he even had legendary voice actor Dante Basco face off against The Critic after his top 11 worst avatar episodes. Why top 11? Because he likes to go one step beyond!

I’d recommend checking out any of these guys, though Critic and Linkara can be a little foul mouthed at times they’re well meaning people, go check’ em out, give ’em support and laugh a little.