The return of The Walking Dead is upon us

The return of The Walking Dead is upon us

11th February 2018 Off By Nicole Wood

The wait is over as The Walking Dead returns to our screens this month

The first half of season eight left fans feeling sad, angry and even a little disheartened as we expect to say goodbye to an original hero.

Spoiler Alert! The season 8B trailer teases Carl’s final moments: “Before Mom died she told me I was gonna beat this world,” he tells Rick, echoing Lori’s (his mother’s) own final moments. “You will.”

The last time we saw Rick and the Gang they had been run out of Alexandria by Negan and the survivors who continue to seek revenge. But with Rick not having much more to live for how will this journey of vengeance end?

Tears are expected so make sure you grab your tissues before you tune in.

This is going to be a big one.

The Walking Dead Season 8B premieres Monday, February 26 at 9pm on Fox.