Preview: Truth or Dare

Preview: Truth or Dare

27th February 2018 Off By Sally Seaton

Actress Lucy Hale takes on her first big role since Pretty Little Liars in new thriller, Truth or Dare, set to hit UK cinemas in April. If you thought PLL was suspense Hale’s latest feature is terrifying.

It begins with a group of young friends hanging out and having fun. The drinks are flowing and they’re playing a harmless game of truth or dare, as teenagers do. Until one friend, Hales love interest, begins to act creepy introducing them to this horrific game.

The supernatural game of truth or dare begins making the youngsters commit violent dares and confess the cruel truth. Refuse and they suddenly die.

Each person passes on a truth or dare with a gruesome spooky smile masked on their face.

The majority of people refuse and die which leaves the group thinking of a way to figure out how to end the game or survive it.

Released: Friday April 13.