Stacey McMaster

Our top five spooktacular films to watch this Halloween!

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Source: Pixabay

Halloween is fast approaching! For some, this will mean being dragged around trick-or-treating on a damp, dark, autumn night. For others, it will be a chance to cosy up to a classic seasonal film. For those lucky enough to score themselves a movie night, here are our top five Halloween picks this year.

  1. Halloween (2018): It seems fitting to start our list with this film. It’s been over forty years since Michael Myers began his reign of terror in the original outing – and now he’s back to terrify us once again. Directed by David Gordon Green and featuring Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle in their previous roles, this is a must watch for all fans of the slasher genre.  Watch the trailer here
  2. The Nun (2018): This latest entry in The Conjuring series does a pretty good job of messing with your head while still being entertaining. Some of the jump scares are predictable but, nevertheless, it’s most certainly worth a watch. Watch the trailer here.
  3. Hocus Pocus (1993): Though not exactly up there on the high terror ratings, this is the perfect Halloween movie for the whole family to enjoy. Starring Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker, with a soundtrack to die for, Hocus Pocus is always one to revisit.
  4.  It (2017):  This big screen adaption of Stephen King’s bestselling novel was a huge success. Seven outcasts in the small town of Derry have began to uncover the sinister secret as to why, every 27 years, a myriad of people go missing. In order to truly defeat Pennywise they must come face to face with their own personnal nightmares.  Watch the trailer here 
  5. Split (2016): Kevin (James McAvoy) has 23 personalities inside his head. However, his psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), soon discovers the most terrifying one is about to show itself. This “Beast” has superhuman strength and abilities, making this film interesting and a great watch. Expect twists and turns all along the way! Watch the trailer here.