Game Preview: Battlefield V

Game Preview: Battlefield V

16th November 2018 Off By Northern Lights

Words by Alex Jenkins

**You must be 17 to purchase this game.

This is the next instalment in the thrilling Battlefield series created by Dice and EA.

The game is a new take on WW2, spanning from deserts to snow-laden areas and cities to rural places. It’s also the first of the franchise to have both men and women in it.  A player can play as a foot soldier, a tank, or even an aircraft, giving players a multitude of ways to play the game.

The battlefield V trailer shows off many elements of the game, from parachuting from planes to people jumping out of windows to avoid fire. It creates a lot of hype, showing the terrain in the game is destructible and that each battle will always be different.

The trailer also shows how the game changes depending on what the player does, creating more flexibility in the gameplay. However, just because the map is destructible, it doesn’t mean that every building in the game can be destroyed: some of them need to stay so that players have cover or because they are crucial to the objective.

Up to 64 players can deploy on maps of some of WW2’s lesser known places and the game also features some of its iconic modes – as well as some new ones for players to destroy each other in.

Other new features include a more modernised and free flowing movement system and updated weapon mechanics. Meanwhile, the next generation graphics and omnidirectional sound help immerse the user and make them feel like they are really there.

Of course this game doesn’t just cater for people who love multiplayer; it has its own single-player campaigns in the form of war stories. These are personal stories that capture the large-scale conflict of the war. Plus, the game’s tides of war, which allows players to earn things such as weapon and vehicle skins, continues well after the launch of the game.

Since September 2002, the Battlefield franchise has sold a total of 66 million games and I believe this is going to be a revolutionary release, demonstrating just what today’s games can look and sound like. With its engaging single player and challenging multiplayer options, it will guarantee many hours of enjoyment for fans of the series and be another huge success for Dice and EA.

Battlefield V is released in the UK on November 20, 2018.