Game Review: Hitman 2

Game Review: Hitman 2

16th November 2018 Off By Northern Lights

Words by Luke Curry-Glasper

**You must be 18 to purchase this game.

This is my game article based on Hitman 2. This specific game was released on November 13th, 2018. Here we have a game based on a series of thrilling and traumatic events. There is a lot of violence and gore within this game. Just watching the Hitman 2 trailer gets me hyped and excited, for the gameplay. There is a huge variety of ways that you can use your stealth skills.

Within the trailer we have dramatic and engaging music, we know this will engage the audience as the gameplay ties in with the music. The target audience for this game (18+) will have been hyped a week or so before the release of the game because it is full of destruction. Also, the audience will enjoy the game because as the player you get to know the main character very well. The trailer gives you dramatic music and scenes of normal people, then a mysterious voice speaks saying “we all have chips in the back of our heads, most people just don’t notice”. By this specific quote being said the target audience feel involved in the game. By the main character speaking out to the audience, they are now a part of the game

Unlike most other games, which send you to tropical and adventurous places. The Hitman series of games work much better when taking down targets and wanted people; in the most relatable and everyday environments. Hitman is the kind of game that will intrigue any type of audience. It is the kind of game that will pull all different types of audiences. This is a game that unlike others, will include the audience within most things that happen in the gameplay.

The visual effects of Hitman 2 are fantastic. The visuals of the gameplay are also great and it runs so smoothly.  The sound of the gameplay is amazing. It is very clear, as well as engaging. The sound engages the audience as it is very dramatic and enthusiastic.

In my opinion, I think that this game seems interesting and very entertaining. I also cannot wait to access the gameplay as I am a very big fan of the Hitman series and own the majority of the games. I am very hyped to play this game as it grasps my enjoyment and interest. Also, I think that it is going to be very successful as nearly all of the Hitman games have a big variety of fans and supporters. Since 2000 the Hitman franchise has sold 15million copies. So, this makes the fan base very large and makes the game series a great success.