Tabitha Peverley

Review: Don’t Forget the Birds @ Live Theatre

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Credit: Keith Pattison

You’d think that a story about a mother and daughter learning how to reconnect after the mother has just been released from prison would be a difficult story to tell. However, this latest production from Open Clasp handles the story with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

The play, based on a true story, has a lot of emotional, poignant moments, but also has a lot of laughter and humour, played wonderfully by real life mother and daughter duo Cheryl and Abigail Byron.

Their love for each other shines through and it is the main reason why this whole production works so well. They bring the story and the characters to life, you hang on their every word and every interaction. The subject itself is something not many of us think about: we assume once a loved one gets out of prison, everything returns to normal. That there is a happily ever after. This story highlights that this isn’t the case.

Credit: Keith Pattison

The hour-long production squeezed a lot of humanity into it. You really feel for these people; they’re believable, relatable. Along with the lighting and sound, as well as the limited props, they manage to create something beautiful. A piece of theatre that makes you think about how you treat others, how you view others, and how we shouldn’t judge them as we have no idea of what has been going on in their lives.

It also makes you want to go home and hug your loved ones, your mother in particular – to tell her how much you love and appreciate her. A heart-warming and important production, if it ever returns to the stage it is something everyone should see.