Happy Death Day 2U: Preview

30th January 2019 Off By Northern Lights

By Daniel Parushev

In the original Happy Death Day, we see Theresa ‘Tree’ Gelbman slowly come to terms with being stuck in a time-loop in which she is murdered every single day by a masked killer.

As she isn’t particularly a nice person, it isn’t immediately clear who the killer is. During the course of the film, she narrows down the list of suspects and manages to catch the killer, becoming a better person in the process.

We couldn’t wait when we heard there’d be a sequel and, on February 14, we’ll get our wish as Happy Death Day 2U is released in cinemas across the UK. ¬†Christopher Landon returns to direct.

The trailer seems to suggest that Tree is back in the original time loop. Why has this happened? Her friends now look like they’re becoming murder victims themselves. Are they part of the loop now too?

The slow reveal at the end of the trailer also suggests that it may be a different killer this time around. Will this new person be unmasked?

We also see from the trailer that Tree is braver and more organised this time around; this could be similar to Sarah Connor’s development from frightened victim to action hero in the first two Terminator films.

Hopefully, we’ll get the answers to some of these questions and the sequel will live up to the original.