Are YOU prepared for Penn? Season two of You is confirmed

Are YOU prepared for Penn? Season two of You is confirmed

13th March 2019 Off By Northern Lights

By Ellie Ferman

We couldn’t get enough of Penn Badgley, playing the role of Dan in the 2000’s teen drama, Gossip Girl so when it came to a painful end in 2012, teens around the globe were left in despair asking what’s next for Penn?

Six years later, taking a break from binge-watching Riverdale, there it was; I saw the face of Penn. Suddenly a rush of excitement overcome my body as I thought “He’s back!”. His face was labelled with the title ‘YOU’ in white writing, contrasting with the dark, black background.

You is a tense psychological thriller set in a bookshop. Penn is the manager. Immediately, a fan of Gossip Girl can establish the link between Dan and Joe: Dan wrote a book while Joe sells them. Is this a coincidence?’

‘YOU’¬†transforms Penn Badgley from a shy teen to a fully-fledged psychopath and I’m not sure if I like this or not… He meets a girl at the bookshop and immediately becomes obsessed. Without the girl giving much detail about herself, Joe, the protagonist, doesn’t just find her on social media, he works out her address and goes to it.

The show is a gripping eye-opener, especially for young adults and teens who broadcast maybe too much of their lives on social media. Joe is able to work out everyone in this girl’s social circle in the sake of a few clicks, highlighting just exactly how careless we are in regards to technology and it is insightfully frightening.

YOU need to watch it. Even better, there’s confirmation of the second season being filmed as we speak.


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seeing Joe with Love AND Candace makes us happy being single. YOU S2 in production!

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