PREVIEW: Avengers: Endgame #2

PREVIEW: Avengers: Endgame #2

15th March 2019 Off By Kamron Kent

A new trailer has landed and it’s time for one more (hopefully the last) trailer breakdown. It’s a shame we won’t hear Robert Downey Jr. shout “Get lost, Squidward” one last time.

The trailer opens with a black and white shot of Downey Jr’s first scene as the legendary icon that is – Iron Man. As all Marvel fans and eagle-eyed viewers would most likely realise, this scene was when Tony Stark used his first ever Iron suit, even if it was somewhat a failure in his attempt to successfully escape the captivity of terrorists.

Stark isn’t the only character to have their past played out during the trailer, the likes of Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) also getting their movie scenes replayed. One thing that seems to get noticed is that the black and white shots aren’t entirely that: the colour red also seems to make an appearance.

The use of colour in those shots most likely have an emotional meaning to it, not just making it a pattern throughout the trailer. The colour itself has many different meanings (too many to bore you with) but the ones that would be meaningful for the trailer would be desire, war and strength. This is because they will represent what the Avengers are feeling in their current moment in time.

A war will be coming Thanos (Josh Brolin) and their strength and desire together to reverse the Titan’s snap.

There is a moment in the trailer where we see Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), and his wife. Will this movie show break our hearts as we watch our beloved hero lose his family to dust before he embarks on a journey of grief-driven revenge? It kind of reminds me of another Marvel-related character. OH YEAH! The Punisher.

Antman, aka Scott Lang, makes his second Avenger appearance, following the first Endgame trailer. From this we see that he is trying to figure out what has happened to the world. Will we see him heartbroken, believing that his family – mainly his daughter – is missing, or you know, dead?

However, we still have no answer to how Scott Lang even got out of the Quantum Realm after the events of Ant-man and The Wasp. Indeed, the trailer has left me with a couple of questions halfway through though.

What is the explosion that Hawkeye seems to be running – and diving from?

Is Rocket (Bradley Cooper) now a temporary – or permanent – Avenger? Is he simply helping the Avengers reverse Thanos’ snap?

The trailer also seems to show a potential final showdown with Thanos, although this isn’t clear if it is – I’m speculating. With the fact that Lang, in his Antman suit, seeming to jump off the rubber end of a pencil, I do hope that this final showdown does not take place in the ruins of a former school classroom. C’mon, how anti-climatic would that be?!

In the final moments of the trailer, it seems to give away a major point in the plot of the film – on purpose – Stark somehow gets himself, with Nebula (Karen Gillan), out of space and reunited back with the Avengers.

Will he mend ties with Captain America? Since we didn’t get the chance to see that in Infinity War, this begs the question: how does he do it? Does he use his mechanical skills and genius brain, with Nebulas help, to restore power to the drifting Guardians spaceship? Or does someone rescue him? I do hope for the first choice.

I’m not going to even lie, I do like the post-credit like clip at the end of the trailer. Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, does not seem to be phased by Thor when he puts out his hand for the newly-created, Thanos-killing, Stormbreaker (Thor’s Axe), even though it flies just inches away from her into his hand.  This seems to cement Thor’s approval of Danvers to the group.

With the hype that is slowly rising in the build-up to The Avengers: Endgame, I do hope they exceed expectations to conclude Marvels Phase Three of the MCU.