Star Wars Episode IX Teaser Trailer Preview

Star Wars Episode IX Teaser Trailer Preview

16th April 2019 Off By Richard Bellis

Star Wars celebration in Chicago is in full swing and with it comes many hints about the upcoming film, said to be the last of the Skywalker saga and the last of the sequel trilogy.

Many fans are already picking apart the teaser trailer and watching it frame by frame to discover as many hints as they can about what the film has in store.

The name of the film will be Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of the Skywalker. What could this mean? Will we see Anakin and Luke? Or is Rey a Skywalker? It is difficult to tell but one theory going around is that the Skywalkers are a new type of Jedi order created by Rey.

The trailer starts with a long clip of Rey on a desert planet, what is this planet? Tatooine? Jakku? Jeddah? Or some new location.  It would be interesting to see if it was Tatooine as the films would return to where the whole saga started in episode 1 and where audiences first got their glimpse of Star Wars in episode 4.

There was some great stunt work done, with Rey jumping as a TIE Interceptor comes flying towards her. Rey is also using Anakin’s/Luke’s lightsaber – a symbol of the Skywalker dynasty.

Kylo Ren seems to have embraced his full villain, although only appearing in the trailer for a brief clip, we see him repairing his helmet and flooring some masked fighter in a battle scene. Will Kylo turn good or is he lost to the dark forever? A possible clue is that he may have repaired his helmet so that he can be like his grandfather Darth Vader and control the galaxy.

Billy Dee Williams reprises his role as Lando, we see him flying the Millennium Falcon alongside Chewbacca. We last saw Williams play the character back in 1983 where he flew the Millennium Falcon with Nein Numb to blow up the second Death Star. The character was last seen in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars story played by Donald Glover. Strangely Billy Dee Williams seems to be wearing the same costume as Glover wore in Solo. It would be great to see some references to Solo in the film as it explained a lot about Lando’s relationship with the Falcon.

Carrie Fisher is confirmed to be in the film using footage from deleted Force Awakens scenes, she is seen in the trailer embracing Rey. A medal that was handed to Luke and Han in episode 4 is also seen in the trailer, who owns it now and its role in the film is a mystery.

The trailer ends with this trilogies heroes, Rey, Finn, Poe and BB8 alongside Chewie and C3P0 standing on top of a cliff, looking out to what appears to be the wreck of a Death Star – what it is doing in the ocean is a mystery as both Death Star exploded above planets that didn’t look to have huge amounts of water. Knowing Star Wars this could be another Death Star we haven’t seen before. The camera pans as we hear Luke Skywalker say ‘no one’s really gone’ and then a familiar laugh. The laugh is that of Emperor Palpatine, who was last seen in 1983’s Return of the Jedi falling and exploding in the Death Star, which then also exploded, so many concluded he was dead. However, it has been confirmed that Ian McDiarmid is back as he also appeared at Star Wars Celebration. What the emperor’s role in the film will be is unknown but some of the original prequel material from the late 80s and early 90s had Palpatine return from the dead, and be cloned. Disney could have borrowed some ideas from Star Wars: Dark Empire.

The film is to be released in December this year.