Movie Review: Oceans 8

29th January 2020 Off By Northern Lights

I’ve chosen to talk about ‘Oceans 8’ because it had a massive female presence and lead which I think is a huge turning point for the film and TV industry. ‘Oceans 8’ shows that women can work just as hard as men, sometimes even better.

In the film, Sandra bullock decides that she and Sarah Paulson are going to rob the Met Gala in New York. Not only do they decide to rob the Gala, they decide to steal a priceless necklace from the brand ‘Cartier’ off of Ann Hathaway’s neck. In the movie Hathaway is a well-known celebrity who endorses countless brands and has her own line of products including presume and clothes.

The team is made up of six different women which I think is very unusual for what used to be such a masculine film series. By this I’m referring to the previous ‘Ocean’s’ films. I think that having a strong female lead in such a well-known series will influence young women and show them that there are many roles out there for them to do. In the past I believe that the film and media industry has lacked in female presence and supporting up and coming actresses in that it’s a very harsh and niche industry for people to become successful, with many falling through the cracks.

I think that ‘Ocean’s 8’ also highlights the problems in the prison systems in the US, as well as the UK as they’re similar in how they’re run and inmates are treated. For example, Sandra Bullock was released from prison and went straight back to offending. To me, this suggests a lack of support for people who are incarcerated which is why so many people are at risk and re-offending. Although the film is set in the United States, I think it mirrors problems that we face in the UK.



Words by: Jorja Hartford