Single Review: The Red Monroes – The Way I Feel

Single Review: The Red Monroes – The Way I Feel

22nd February 2021 Off By Ewan Gleadow

Copyright: Obsidian

Traditional rock fans, rejoice! The Red Monroes provide a track that feels trapped in a box nostalgic for the screaming guitars of AC/DC and the placid tones of love found on just about any album from Chris Cornell. The Way I Feel is traditional and cliché, but serves its purpose well.  

Clocking in at a sturdy four and a half minutes, The Way I Feel makes its presence known rather immediately. A traditional structure to its choruses and verses serves the track with surprisingly strong results. 

Much of this is down to the guitar on offer, neither cutting nor subverted, the track finds the crucial spot between overbearing and muted, pairing it nicely with how the tempo shifts from the slow, vocal-oriented pieces or the inevitable-yet-brief solo.  

The Red Monroes certainly have the gift of strong musicianship, and The Way I Feel does indeed present how they feel. Set in their ways, by the sounds of it. Competent music-making with the effective draws of the rock brand, there’s nothing wrong with that, but they are a band that, without question, can offer more both creatively and musically.  

You can listen to The Way I Feel on Spotify.