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 Pamela Bilalova

Everest: The Last Word Belongs to the Mountain

Everest: The Last Word Belongs to the Mountain

The heartbreaking real-life story of a disastrous Everest climbing comes to life in the film by Iceland director Baltasar Kormákur. If you’ve ever wondered how much could a climbing expedition go wrong, if you want to see nature in all its glory and feel people’s helplessness against it, then you should try out Everest, the […]

 Scott Hastie

Matt Damon is The Martian

Scott Hastie reviews the new Ridley Scott sci-fi Epic, The Martian.

Ridley Scott’s love letter to science and NASA is a success through the right balance of intensity and optimism. Off the back of NASA’s amazing announcement that there is in fact running water on the Mars, we have a brand new film about an astronaut stuck on the big red dot in space. We can […]

 Anna McMillan

Once Upon A Time Is Back!

Once Upon A Time Is Back!

The first instalment of season 5 returns with some big changes.

Last Tuesday we saw Once Upon A Time return for its fifth season and let me tell you, it’s better than ever! With Rumple in a coma and Emma Swan’s name on the Dark One’s dagger season 5 was set to be the most explosive so far and after months of teasing we finally got to […]

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