Richard Bellis

Review: Call of Duty WWII

Review: Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WWII is the 14th Call of Duty game and it sees the return to ‘old fashioned’ boots on the ground game-play, away from the futuristic super soldier route the developers have been going down for a few years now. A much-anticipated game which has had a mixed reception with many people angry with […]

 Paul Farrell

Sony at E3 – Gods, Bikers, Androids, Zombies, Space Soldiers and…. A Bandicoot?

This years E3 was explosive with Sony bringing out the big guns with Call of Duty and Resident Evil VII, but surprised everyone with the return of a beloved icon from 20 years ago. Currently in the all-star line up, Kratos is set to make his return to consoles with the new God Of War dropping […]