Sony at E3 – Gods, Bikers, Androids, Zombies, Space Soldiers and…. A Bandicoot?

26th June 2016 Off By Paul Farrell

This years E3 was explosive with Sony bringing out the big guns with Call of Duty and Resident Evil VII, but surprised everyone with the return of a beloved icon from 20 years ago.

Currently in the all-star line up, Kratos is set to make his return to consoles with the new God Of War dropping at the start of the show, with a full demo making an appearance, showing Kratos teaching a young boy how to hunt.

Next, an entirely new game called Days Gone, a post-apocalypse third person shooter in a similar style to Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us, with players taking control of a biker mercenary attempting to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Third on the show was the elusive Last Guardian, a game on the scale of Shadow Of The Colossus and Ico, originally confirmed back in 2007 and has taken a total of nine years to develop and is finally slated to be released in October this year.

Next, Horizon Zero Dawn, a Dragon Age/Terminator post-apocalyptic RPG. Players take control of Aloy, a young girl who has to survive against onslaughts of robotic creatures.

One game I was surprised to see was Detroit: Become Human. I first saw a trailer for the game while visiting a GAME store and I thought it looked good, with it being set in the future where androids are becoming domesticated. Players take control of Connor, an android who has to deal with not only the prejudice from humans but the potential of rogue androids. It looks like a Deus Ex/Heavy Rain hybrid if you will. as the game is heavily centered around choices.

The seventh Resident Evil game has been confirmed too and it looks to return to the series roots. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard drops January of 2017.

Some new VR titles were shown off too the most prominent being Farpoint, a space exploration first person shooter. Star Wars Battlefront is also getting the X wing VR mission expansion.

Rocksteady has a new ace up their sleeves with a new Batman game coming this October, exclusively to PS VR

Final Fantasy XV got a bit of coverage, but Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare got a little more coverage with a gameplay demo and a new gameplay trailer for Modern Warfare Remastered.

Something that shocked everyone was the grand return of Crash Bandicoot. It has been confirmed that Crash will have the first three games remastered for PS4, but before all that happens Mr. Bandicoot is going to be Crashing the party in Skylanders Imaginators, which gives the opportunity to create their own skylanders. Whoa!

The worlds greatest diabolical game designer, Hideo Kojima, did not keep us waiting with his newest project and his new studio Kojima Productions, Kojima’s newest title Death Stranding.

Then finally. Insomniac Games are now partnering with Marvel to produce a new game based on Peter Parker aka Spiderman. This new Spiderman game will be released on PS4 and has already received criticism with someone saying that Spidey is a menace and that only heroes get games.