Kamron Kent

Review: Days Gone (PS4)

Review: Days Gone (PS4)

Credit: Daysgonethegame (Instagram) As games such as 2013’s The Last of Us have already defined the zombie genre, this Playstation 4 exclusive has a lot to live up to. When the huge, dynamic gameplay of Days Gone was showcased in a 2016 preview, showing the challenges players are going to face in their time in this post-apcolayptic world, […]

 Paul Farrell

Preview: Black Ops 3 – Zetsobou No Shima

Black Ops 3’s Second DLC brings with it the disturbing side of nature for its new zombies map, Zetsobou No Shima. Zetsobou No Shima (絶望の島: Island of Despair) is the latest instalment of the Call of Duty Zombies saga. the trailer begins with our four heroes: Tank Dempsey (voiced by Steve Blum), Dr. Edward Richtofen […]