Review: Sia – This is Acting

Review: Sia – This is Acting

2nd February 2016 Off By plamedie

Sia, This is Acting album

Following her “1000 Forms Of Fear” album in 2015, Sia is back in the music scene and has recently released a new album (January 29).

Sia is one of my favourite singer songwriters and her lyrics never cease to amaze me. You can clearly hear the passion and hurt in her voice when she sings.

Although, she features on upbeat songs, like “Wild One” with Flo Rida, and a couple with her good friend, David Guetta, like “Titanium”, “She Wolf” and “Bang my head”, Sia’s personal sound is raw and outstanding to the ear.

From songs like “Alive” (which is my personal favourite) and “Sweet Design”, I notice that she has been working extremely hard on this album to creatively share her personal struggles with the audience.

Most of the songs on this album were rejected by big musicians like Adele and Beyonce, but, maybe, that’s not a bad thing? After all, it came to be a beautiful album full of personal experiences that she has decided yet again to share with us in a digital format.

She started to write songs for other artists during her early 20s and although the songs from “This is Acting” could be seen as ‘reject’ songs, they reflect on Sia’s original sound and craft this spectacular album. As Cameron Cook (Pitchfork) says, Sia is a ‘vocal powerhouse’ which is evident when I hear the authenticity and crack of her voice in the studio produced songs but also each time she performs.

I’m not one to listen to soppy songs but Sia’s voice is too emotional to escape from and as I listen to her music, I feel engulfed in her feelings and can really paint a picture with my own thoughts. I really admire how her songs all have different stories but at the same time it allows the reader to relate to some on a different level of understanding.

Whether you’re dealing, or have dealt with depression, anxiety, a tough time in a relationship/friendship or feeling low, I can assure you that at least one of Sia’s songs can speak a thousand words to you.

I feel that this album is going to be a big hit (why wouldn’t it be?!) with award nominations, streaming and topping the charts this year, and Sia could easily release another single off this album if she wanted to.

It’s available to stream on Spotify and Apple music now.