US Gravity Falls to end after it is aired in UK

10th February 2016 Off By Northern Lights

By Paul Farrell

The TV show Gravity Falls will be coming to a close after its second series in the UK.

The show’s creator Alex Hirsch has requested that it ends, after the series 2 finale.

It began in 2012, centring around Dipper Pines (voiced by Jason Ritter) and his twin sister Mabel (voiced by Kristen Schaal).

Tourist Trapped involved the twins arriving in Gravity Falls, Oregon, to spend the summer with their great uncle, Stan (voiced by Alex Hirsch), who owns a tourist trap called The Mystery Shack.

The main character, Dipper, finds a journal with an imprint of a six-fingered hand with a number three in the middle.

The journal showcases the supernatural side of Gravity Falls over the course of the series.

Dipper and Mabel begin to unravel the mysteries about Gravity Falls, with the aid of Soos Ramirez (also voiced by Hirsch) – a handyman who works at the The Mystery Shack and Wendy Corduroy (voiced by Linda Cardellini), a part-time employee at The Mystery Shack and a lumberjack’s daughter.

Over the course of series one, Dipper finds that he is not the only one with a journal.

His main rival for the first series is a 9-year-old child psychic, named Gideon Gleeful (voiced by Thurop Van Orman), who was for a time in possession of journal number two.

In the series one finale, it was revealed that Stan was in possession of journal number one and that there was a portal below The Mystery Shack.

So far, in series two, there has been much more character development for series one villains, such as Gideon and Mabel’s rival, Pacifica Northwest (voiced by Jackie Buscarino), but above all, some development for Stan in the episode, Not What He Seems.

Dipper and Mabel discover that Stan has been hiding fake ID’s for quite a while and even the first journal.

They almost shut down the portal, but eventually fail to do so, allowing the author of the journals, Stanford Pines (voiced by J K Simmons), to return from a parallel dimension.

However, despite the main character’s efforts, Weirdmageddon begins and the series’ main antagonist, Bill Cipher (also voiced by Hirsch), finally returns to Gravity Falls and gains a physical form.

For one trillion years, Bill was trapped in his own dimension that was slowly destroying itself and he wanted a new universe to call his own, so he set his sites on Earth.

Only by initiating Weirdmageddon could he gain a physical body. All of this takes place over the course of three episodes.

During this time, the creator tweeted that one character would not survive series two and that a third series would not happen.

Three of the four final episodes have aired in the US Dipper and Mabel versus the Future, showing the beginning of Weirdmageddon, and the final three episodes are entitled Weirdmageddon 1, 2 and 3.

Weirdmageddon 1 and 2 have aired in the United States and the entire Weirdmageddon story arc could be coming to the United Kingdom on February 15, which will mark the end of Gravity Falls.

Hirsch has stated that he is personally done with telling their story, but Weirdmageddon three: Take Back The Falls will not be the last time we see Dipper and Mabel.