Review: Will Varley in Newcastle

Review: Will Varley in Newcastle

11th February 2016 Off By Gemma Hirst

As this reviewer ponders around the venue waiting for the Will Varley gig to start, she wonders if she is in the right place, for the rest of the people around her look a little shabby thus making her feel a little uncomfortable and rather overdressed.

It is only until the gig starts that she realises that this sort of apparel is custom to a Will Varley concert. Rocking up to his gig in what can only be described as the scruffy hobo look – if I was unaware of what he looked like, I would have thought he was a homeless person who had just appeared on the stage with a guitar to sing a bunch of random songs.

A rather peculiar experience, she notices that this British folk singer from Brixton does have a set list but is going against that list to entertain the North East audience.

Not sure how to take this rebellious nature in a live concert, I find myself going with the flow and like the fellow scruffy trouser  and untied trainer audience, I am enjoying it.

Varley’s first date of his new tour, Postcards From Ursa Minor here at Cluny 2 is rather relaxed, but he fears that his audience are not in the same mood as he is in, so to resolve this he passes out a few cans of beer to make sure that everyone is in the mood for a drink and some bloody good quality music.

Sadly, not getting a can of a cold alcoholic beverage, it does not make a difference as this Northern Lights reviewer is feeling relaxed and at one with this more casual music affair.

It amuses me to see how a man in a half button shirt, long hair and a half hearted attempt at a beard singing songs with a guitar can be so musically talented. Not that an artist’s apparel can affect a singers ability to rock the stage, but looking at him I certainly would not think that he was able to produce songs that he is tonight in Newcastle.

Never experiencing such an easy going approach to a live concert, next time perhaps I will remember to wear a checked shirt and ripped jeans instead of heels and a dress.

To find out where you can catch Will Varley’s on his tour check out his website