Northern Lights Reviews: Game of Thrones S6 Ep3

Northern Lights Reviews: Game of Thrones S6 Ep3

10th May 2016 Off By Jordan Davidson


Paul, Editor of Northern Lights:

Following last weeks epic episode, which was really, REALLY good, this week’s episode left me feeling a little meh in places, until the end, which once again, had me excited about where they can take certain stories. Do not get me wrong, it was still a really good episode, but when compared to last week’s, it could not compare.

Unsurprisingly, we began where were we left off last episode, at Castle Black. Jon’s story is probably going to dominate the season, but I have no issue with this. He has a lot left to discover and explore and there is far more for us to discover as well. Which leads into Bran and another flashback he had with the Three-Eyed Crow. Not to give too much away, but it does seem to be hinting very strongly towards a popular fan theory.

One plot that is interesting is Cersei and Jamie vs The Faith. I can only see this ending one way, which is likely when you consider that they have Franken-Mountain at their side. It is clear that Cersei’s naked walk of atonement has hardened her and she will bring violent retribution to anyone she sees fit. Not someone to be on the bad side of right now.

Two last points. Firstly, my favourite character, Varys, had his moment to shine. It was great to have a reminder that while he can be jovial and friendly. He is also clever and, if necessary, can be ruthless. Secondly, we saw someone we had not seen for quite a while. Their return could be very interesting going forward.

Jordan, Social Media and Film Coordinator:

Although not quite as shocking as the previous episode, this instalment didn’t disappoint. First off, my ranting and raving about Arya seems to have been listened to as she finally seems to be progressing, and her story has shifted far earlier than I had anticipated (never have I been so glad to be wrong). Maisey is a top notch actress and I look forward to seeing her character kick ass again.

Back in Westeros, we see that the Lannister twins/lovers are learning what it is to be powerless as their uncle rejects their attempts to talk at the small council and their son, the king, continues to be manipulated and cowed. I, for one, find this incredibly satisfying after seeing them dominate over other characters in previous seasons a little payback feels good, although I can’t wait to see the inevitable clash that will happen when they finally break.

Further north, we join the new warden of the north Ramsey as he’s presented with a very intriguing, and potentially devastating, ‘gift’. Again a top notch actor, I can’t wait to see more of this guy who we all love to hate.

Even further north, Jon Snow ties up loose ends and leaves us wondering what on earth he’s going to do now. I really hope things start moving again with the Night’s Watch/Wildlings as their story kinda stagnated after the fantastic Hardhome episode last season.

Controversially, I’m still struggling to find the events across the narrow sea compelling. Tyrion and Varys feel so out of place in their new setting and do a lot of talking and not much else.

In the first few seasons, Varys was nothing short of scary, always in the know and always with some kind of leverage against his peers. But now it feels like he’s back to square one and I’m brought to the conclusion that, without his many spies and mind games, he’s really not very interesting at all.

Similarly, and I know I’m in the minority here, I’m bored of Tyrion. I loved him in the previous seasons, because he was the one who would talk back to the despicable characters when no one else would dare to. But now his gimmick of “I drink and I know things” is starting to feel stale as he makes constant, often awkward jokes, and doesn’t have anyone worthy to bounce his sassiness off of.

All that being said though, I’m very excited to see how this season develops and I hope that, like Arya, the weaker storylines begin to progress. I have faith in you HBO!