Super Mario Odyssey: First Impressions

16th January 2017 Off By Paul Farrell

With the Nintendo Switch nearing pre-order date, it’s time we look at the new Mario title made for the innovative console.

The Super Mario Bros. are probably someĀ of the most famous video game characters in existence and this latest instalment sees Mario moving away from the mushroom kingdom to embark on a huge open world sandbox adventure, with huge worlds to explore from a bustling city to a forest to a candy covered wonder land and even western and Egyptian style deserts, this game looks set to take the level design from Super Mario 64 and the move set from galaxy and combining it into one game.

The plot is little surprise though, Bowser is back and this time he wants to force a marriage with Peach, but the fact that this time he finally wants to gain power by marrying Peach is a little odd. Sadly it looks like there are no koopalings but there are some new henchmen and some new enemies. For example in the candy wonderland, hammer bros are replaced with what I’m gonna call Chef Bros as they wear chefs hats and throw frying pans at you, but there are some new friendly faces and there’s even some humans in the bustling city,

Mario even has a new move set, though I’m certain he’s trying to audition for the role of Oddjob as one of his new moves involve throwing his hat so he can jump on it to gain extra height and distance off a jump, he now has a wall jump and the dive jump even makes a return from Sunshine.

Overall I really have to tip my hat to Nintendo as this is a huge leap forward for the series, combining the level design of Mario 64 and combining it with open world exploration the gameplay is genius and I’m really looking forward to this little Odyssey