New Aardman ‘Early Man’ movie preview

New Aardman ‘Early Man’ movie preview

30th January 2017 Off By Paul Farrell

Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park prepares a return to claymation with new Aardman film, Early Man.

Aardman is preparing a return to their stop motion roots with their newest film Early Man set to launch next year.

The plot synopsis is as follows: “set at the dawn of time, Early man follows the story of Dug (voiced by Eddie Redmayne) and his sidekick Hognob who unites his tribe against the mighty bronze age to beat them at their own game, becoming the first game of european football” 

A very simple yet silly set up, but to be fair silly is par for the course with Aardman, and with Eddie Redmayne as the lead voice how could you go wrong? But wait, it gets better, we have Loki and Arya Stark in this movie. Yeah thats right, Tom Hiddleston provides the voice for lead villain Lord Nooth, and Maisie Williams as Goona, Hognob will have a voice in the film though there is no known information on who is providing the voice.

All in all the movie looks to be Aardman’s return to form, while Flushed Away and Arthur Christmas were good it’s nice to see Aardman return to stop motion animation and I hope that this is a great movie much like Aardman’s other works.