Sabaton reveal their new album title and artwork

Sabaton reveal their new album title and artwork

5th April 2019 Off By Richard Bellis

The Swedish metal band Sabaton, well known for their songs about historical events, battles and people, have announced the title and artwork for their latest album.

The album is entitled The Great War and will feature songs dedicated to the period of time from 1914-18.


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Sabaton have previously written songs around the period, such as Angels Calling about trench warfare and The Lost Battalion about the Ardennes. However, this time the entire album will be dedicated to the conflict.

Similarly, the band’s 2012 album, Carolus Rex, told the story of the rise and fall of the Swedish empire from Gustavus Adolphus to Charles XII.

More recently, Sabaton have released albums with themes such as Heroes in 2014, telling stories of unsung heroes such as the Night Witches of the Russian Air Force and of Audie Murphy, the most decorated American solider. 2

In 2016, the Last Stand album featured famous last stands in history such as Rorkes Drift, Shiroyama, and Thermopylae.

Recording for The Great War started on November 11, 2018, 100 years after the armistice which effectively ended the conflict. As we know from their previous albums, Sabaton tend not to pick sides and their songs feature heroes from both sides, so it will be interesting to see what will be covered: The Red Baron, Laurence of Arabia, the Battle of the Somme and the Russian Revolution all have incredible potential.

Sabaton have not said how many tracks will be listed but it is rumoured it could be as many as 20.

The band have also created a Youtube channel called Sabaton Histories and the videos teach the historical events mentioned in their songs.  The following trailer was recently released: