WHATS ON: The National Glass Centre

WHATS ON: The National Glass Centre

18th February 2020 Off By Northern Lights

We spoke to Laura Reed, the Marketing and Communications coordinator at The National Glass Centre.
The Glass Centre are currently running events every day during the February half term and there will be more programmes and events for both adults and children held throughout the year during half term holidays.

Each of the workshops are tailored toward exhibitions the centre is showing, and they are run by the onsite Learning and Programme team who have experience in glass and ceramics.
Past students at the University also often help to programme the activities.

Adult courses are frequently run by special course tutors. These are professional artists who help to run workshops on screen printing, stained glass and fused glass.

The National Glass centre is at the heart of Sunderland and by hosting such events, it is able to bring together communities from both the local area and from around England. A spokesperson also described it as “a tie to Sunderland heritage”.

With it being built on a riverbank near the shipyards, the centre is able to showcase aspects of native culture and personality of our city – giving it more of an importance nationally.
It tailors towards all ages, with a variety of unique activities personalised towards kids, families and some events specifically for adults.
It is inclusive of everybody, making it a pride of Sunderland.

For Easter half term, “Family Fusing ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’” was recommended by Laura Reed.

Families with children age 10+ will learn how to cut glass grains to create a unique glass artwork in the shape of a house.
There is a maximum of six people per group and it takes place on the 12th April.
More information is available on the Sunderland Culture website.

Written by Sophie Gibson and Sarah Hughes