Book Review: Naturally Tan by Tan France

Book Review: Naturally Tan by Tan France

2nd April 2020 Off By Holly Allton

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I first discovered Tan France when watching Next in Fashion on Netflix earlier this year.
I decided to go and binge-watch Queer Eye after that, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I thought it was only right that my next step was to read Tan’s memoir ‘Naturally Tan’ which was published in 2019.

Firstly, learning of Tan’s upbringing in Doncaster was incredibly eye opening.   He was very honest about his struggles as a Pakistani man born in Britain and how other people viewed him and his family.
He also spoke of his acceptance of his sexual orientation and again, how others treated him because of it.

Later in the book, we learn the story of how Tan moved to America and essentially made it to the “big time” and we learn of the beautiful (but also humorous at times) love story between himself and his husband Rob.

Reading about his journey into the fashion world, was particularly interesting for me to read as I’m incredibly passionate and fascinated by the fashion industry.
From working in retail to eventually becoming a fashion designer and having his own brand, to then moving on to become a fashion expert in three hit Netflix shows that we love; it’s definitely been a rollercoaster of a ride for him!

My main take-away from this book is the honesty he put forward in almost every chapter. This is something I find incredibly refreshing to come from celebrity autobiographies.
I would definitely recommend this book to other fashion lovers and/or fans of the wonderful Tan France.