Single Review: Up All Night (Reimagined) by Royals

Single Review: Up All Night (Reimagined) by Royals

3rd April 2020 Off By Holly Allton

Royals are a pop-punk band from Southampton. The four piece is made up by Luke Smithson is on vocals/guitar, Will Sherlock is on guitar, Lewis Smyth is on bass and Alex Baker is on drums.

After forming in 2019, Royals went on to find quick success, not only gaining a local fanbase from their hometown but online too, where they have recorded over 100,000 total streams.

Their new single ‘Up All Night (Reimagined)’ was released on March 13th. As the title suggests, it a re-arrangement of their previously released song ‘Up All Night’. The original has more of an energetic, upbeat pace with accompanying heavier drums, however the reimagined version is more a more gentle, acoustic version with a lighter sound all round. I prefer this version as it makes the emotion and passion behind and of the lyrics stand out more, whereas the original dilutes them slightly. Even though the song is of a slower pace and generally more on the delicate side, it still manages to retain a lovely, inviting beat when the chorus begins. This is definitely a song to fall in love to, or even with which I have!

I’d say that Royals have definitely found a new fan in me, but I definitely prefer the stripped back version of them. I hope to hear more music of that genre by them in the future.