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12th December 2020 Off

Movie Review: Dumbo

By Ewan Gleadow

Disney have somehow managed to peddle circus animals and ringmaster caricatures frequently this past year or two. The One and Only…

22nd September 2020 Off

Movie Review: Ava

By Ewan Gleadow

WHILST the slate of releases for this year wanes ever thinner, it’s nice to see that cheap, sloppy action films…

6th January 2020 Off

Review: The Gentlemen

By Ewan Gleadow

Seemingly unfulfilled in recreating the classic Disney animated cartoons as recklessly as he could, Guy Ritchie returns to his roots…

21st November 2019 Off

Review: Widows

By Ewan Gleadow

Looking back to when Widows was first released, it’s a real surprise that the awards buzz it first generated didn’t manage to…