Jordan Davidson

5 Modern Westerns That Prove The Genre Is Still Going Strong

5 Modern Westerns That Prove The Genre Is Still Going Strong

Has Westworld left you thirsting for some more cowboy action? Need something to tide you over while you await the sequel to Red Dead Redemption? Well you’re in luck, while we can’t promise cyborgs we can certainly promise that the Western genre is far from dead and still has a lot of unique stories to offer. […]

 Emily Mertens

Thrilling, captivating and outright gory – Westworld so far

Thrilling, captivating and outright gory – Westworld so far

Recently we’re seeing a trend in television series being created based on popular films. This trend has produced Scream, based on the horror movies, Taken is currently being turned into a series, and the new show Westworld, is based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name. The feature-length Westworld was nominated for three awards, proving […]

 Paul Farrell

Top 5 Halloween TV specials

Top 5 Halloween TV specials

To celebrate the arrival of all Hallows Eve here are some of the 5 best Halloween specials on TV

Halloween is one of Northern Lights’s favourite holidays, originating in Ireland as a means of warding off spirits and unsavoury creatures it has now evolved into a holiday where kids get free sweets. Movies, TV and games all recognise this as there are so many great Halloween specials and here are 5 such examples, but […]

 Daniel Jenkins

Fresh Meat Finale Review

Ever since Fresh Meat premiered back in 2011, the journey the six main characters JP, Vod, Howard, Josie, Oregan and Kingsley have been on through university life was definitely something many could relate to, but at the same time it hasn’t deterred from it’s main purpose, to make people laugh. With how popular and successful […]

 Dave McQuilling

Review: Tom Stade: You’re Welcome!

Review: Tom Stade: You’re Welcome!

There aren’t many places you can go to hear stories ranging from an afternoon watching Cash in the Attic to things getting a bit frisky, a hot tub with The Dali Lama and Kanye West at Glastonbury. If, however, this broad spectrum matches your interests; Tom Stade’s: You’re Welcome! Is the show for you. A […]

 Andrew McAnaney

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Pilot Part 1 Review

Beware some spoilers!

Legends of Tomorrow is the third series in the Greg Berlanti Flarrow universe, although if you count Supergirl (which with the recent news of Flash/Supergirl crossover, we really should), it would be the fourth. But along with Berlanti Legends brings along some familiar faces (or I guess names) with the likes of Marc Guggenheim, Andrew […]


House of Cards Season 4 Episode 1

The Netflix original series returns for a political drama that will shock and excite you all at the same time. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) returns as the President of the United States who has to deal with the separation with his wife, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). Frank Underwood needs to cope with outside pressure from […]

 Francisco Andrade

“Love” is the latest Netflix binge!

Possibly the most popular streaming service and what some may call the “new television”, Netflix is well known for its innovation when it comes to their own content production and new series Love is another example of a game change in the rom-com genre for a series. Love premiered its entire first season last February […]

 Northern Lights

US Gravity Falls to end after it is aired in UK

By Paul Farrell The TV show Gravity Falls will be coming to a close after its second series in the UK. The show’s creator Alex Hirsch has requested that it ends, after the series 2 finale. It began in 2012, centring around Dipper Pines (voiced by Jason Ritter) and his twin sister Mabel (voiced by Kristen […]

 Sophie Dishman

Top 12 Robot Wars Robots

Top 12 Robot Wars Robots

It’s been 12 years since Robot Wars was on our screens and now the battleground is back for a new series. Northern Lights have decided to compile a top 12 list of our favourite robots. 12. Behemoth – A long-serving robot in the Robot Wars show. He was a tiger striped bulldozer that had the ability to […]