Lewis Wild

Preview: Jackman Set To Play Wolverine One Last Time in Logan

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Hugh Jackman is extending the claws one final time in his penultimate role as Wolverine.

The film is set in the future and follows a Wolverine with diminished healing abilities and struggling with age.

Professor X has set him one last mission, to protect a girl who is like Logan.

The trailers have teased that the girl could possibly be “X-23” Logan’s “daughter” who is a clone of himself and also hints that there are “no mutants left,” possibly implying that something has happened to wipe them out.

The movie is the first in the series to be R-rated, a rating that Jackman reportedly took a pay cut to ensure. There still hasn’t been a decision on who will take up the iconic mantle of Wolverine; it’s hard to imagine anyone but Jackman.

The film premieres in the UK on March 3.